We wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us. We feel so grateful to have found you and had you be a part of our special day. You made us feel so comfortable and happy! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!
— Dean & Leigh

I love to spend just a few short minutes away from the guests to capture something of just you two.  Not every couple wants to do this, and I completely understand.  If you do choose to have some extra photographs this way, it really can be just 5 minutes here and then 5 minutes there.  Of course, if you want to put more time aside on the wedding day, it's often as nice a break for you, as it is valuable 'creative' time for me.

Don't worry if you don't like posing!  The majority of my images are captured without you even noticing.  Wedding photographers refer to this as photojournalism (PJ), reportage, documentary, fly-on-the-wall...etc.  The idea is that you're captured naturally and the photographer concentrates on as many lovely moments as possible throughout the day.  The only problem is that many wedding photographers actually forget to tell a story with their photographs.  Whilst 'headshots' have their place, it's far more powerful to show the subjects in the context of what they're doing and who they're interacting with.  It's more difficult than it sounds - there are no second chances, but the challenge is something I particularly enjoy.

Traditional formal wedding photographs are a historic record of who was there.  They're also a great memory of what the fashions were of the day.  Ever look back through grandparents' wedding photos?  The formal photographs are often all that there are.  Many dread the idea of this part of the day, but I like to do my homework prior to the day so that I can zip through these quickly and ensure that the guests aren't bored to tears!  Once the regular formals are finished, I love the chance to do something a little different with the bridal party - as you may see below.

Want to see more?

Of course I've hundreds more beautiful images, many of which you'll find on my Facebook page.  I create a small gallery every year with at least one image per wedding.  2016/7 is coming soon.  Go see!

If you wish to view an entire wedding, you'll find examples in the Client Galleries site.  Why not drop me a line to check that I'm available for your big day? - Amy x