... Everyone at the ceremony loved you and felt so at ease with you. Everyone that has seen our e-photos and album has been left wide-eyed at the quality of your composition, your refined style and the tremendous finish quality. If we had a penny for every time we hear “wow, it looks just like a magazine,” we’d have quit our day jobs by now.
— Leo & Korie

Italy is famous world-wide for it's romance and it truly does offer an incredible wedding experience with first class food & wine.  The locations available for couples to marry here actually make it difficult to choose - you're completely spoilt for choice.  One thing however: the very best wedding venues really do book quickly, so if your heart is set on somewhere in particular and there's an opening, don't sit on it for too long!

I've photographed over 300 weddings in Italy & here's a very small sample to give an idea of the varieties of venues and locations of this most wonderful country.