1. How do I book you?

I will email you a link to an online Booking Contract and ask that you complete and submit it. At the booking stage I ask for a Booking Retainer of £250, the Bank details will be given as you submit the form. Once both the Contract and the Retainer have been received then I send you a Booking Confirmation Letter and a Retainer Receipt then that's it, I'm yours for the day!

2. Can I pay using Credit Card?

Sorry not any more. I offered payment by card for years but over the period I found that more and more people wanted to pay by bank transfer. I found that hiring the credit card machine was a bit of a waste of time!  So now, I accept the payment by bank transfer and to make things easier for UK clients, my account is UK based.

If you need to transfer funds internationally, I strongly recommend that you consider using a currency transfer service like Currency Fair.  I've used this company for 8 years in Italy - it's exceptionally cheap, you get the genuine exchange rate and it's almost instant.  I would never, ever use a regular bank to transfer funds internationally these days.  You will find that you can pay many of your suppliers this way too.

3. When will I be expected to pay?

The payment breakdown is as follows:

  • £250 paid at the time of booking
  • The balance (cost of the required service minus £250) is due 30 days before the wedding day. You'll receive a Balance Due letter to remind you.
  • The travel fee and the payment for extra hours (if applicable) is due as a separate payment on the day.  We generally agree these fees during the booking process.

4. How will I let you know about the plans for my day?

I have a set of forms online that I'll send you the link for at the same as I send you the Balance Due Letter - 6 weeks before the day. I'll ask you to complete and submit these. These will give me timings / locations / the plan / Group shot requests / key names etc etc. I am also very open to any ideas for shots that you may have / anything you've seen and you'd like me to replicate etc. Feel free to send me the link to your Wedding Blog / Pinterest Board / images that you like at any point in the lead-up to the day.

5. If I'd like you to stay for longer on the day, will this be OK?

Of course! Extra hours cost £150 but I'm partial to giving a better deal on the price, the more extra hours you'd like! Have a bit of extra cash ready if you'd like my finish time to be dependent on 'how the day is going.' Meals and speeches do have a tendency to run over but don't worry - I'm not going to run off half way through!