1. Will you 'work' my photographs?

Every single photograph will be 'worked' before you see them. To some extent, every single photograph can be and will be 'enhanced' after the day. (This is what takes the time!) At one wedding many years ago, the poor Bride was attacked by mosquitoes the day before her wedding day & had a bad reaction to them.  She literally had 100s of mosquito bites all over her including many on her face. At her request, I spent hours and hours getting rid of every single bite and you wouldn't have known she had them.

2. How many photographs will you give me?

This is a question that I always find difficult to answer. I will give you everything that has 'worked.' I may take many where guests will be blinking or perhaps just as someone walks in front of the camera just as I click the shutter.  No-one wants photographs of people with mouths full of food either!  There are often many, many duplicates - my camera can take 10 images per second when I need it to - and in that case I generally choose the best to process and deliver. On an average 5 hour wedding shoot, I average somewhere around 200 - 250 images.  More hours generally produce more images but that's not always a given.  Every wedding is different.  I just aim to take as many beautiful photographs as possible.  My own wedding album, by the person I perceive to be one of the very best in the world, has a similar amount of images.  It's very much quality over quantity.

3. How long will it take before I can see my photographs?

I know you'll be desperate and I try my best to be as quick as possible! Time-scales do vary according to the time of year and just how many weddings have that particular week. Basically, if I have a fairly quiet week then you could see your photographs within a week. It may take me 2 weeks and just on the odd occasion if my diary is especially full then a little longer than 2 weeks but this is rare.

4. How will my photographs be delivered to me?

Once your images have been edited and processed, I will upload the low-resolution versions to a private gallery within my site. As soon as they are done, I'll send you an email with a link so that you log in and view them. There is a Slideshow feature so you can sit back and enjoy. You can also send the link and password around to family and friends. Within a few days, I'll upload the high-resolution versions on the images to my Dropbox account. Once uploaded, I'll send you a link so that you can follow the instructions and, without needing a Dropbox account of your own, download the images into your computer.  At this point, I would urge you to make a couple of copies of them for safe-keeping and your own archive. I will prepare and upload 3 versions of the images:

  • all in colour
  • all in black & white
  • low-res web versions