Looking for a wedding photographer in Italy?  Here's a little something about me...

I'm short, blonde and can be a little mad - especially when there is a dance floor involved (quite famous for throwing my shapes!)  I love all things Italy, all things veggie and all things photography; but mainly, life revolves around my wonderful husband Andy, my little girls, Chenin & Lois and of course my wedding photography clients.

Andy and I formed our Italian wedding photography business, under the iMAG1NE umbrella, in 2005. We photographed weddings all over Europe - initially together and in recent years on my own.


I could say I'm 'award-winning.' OK - well I just did.  But really?  These days it's hard to find a wedding photographer who doesn't claim to be award-winning.  Published?  Yes, done that too: all of the usual wedding blogs plus Vogue, Hello Magazine, Grace Ormond, Huffington Post and others (who I don't even remember.)  All of that stuff is really supposed to benefit me & my business, yet really all I'm really bothered about is doing the absolute best for you - my clients.

Now & then

In the past I have been a keen gymnast and gymnastics coach and, in fact, am quite an all-round sporty-type.  During my A levels I learnt to fly (not Supergirl style!)  Can you believe they let me fly solo within months of me passing my driving test?  I studied languages at University (including Italian - handy!) but back then my biggest love was travel; back-pack on, camera in hand, pittance in pocket and off I went:  Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, Thailand, Tibet & Nepal to name but a few.  Before becoming a photographer I was an Air Traffic Controller for several years, but found that having to keep my little tush in one place, with radar screens and no windows, for such long periods of time was an impossibility.  Too much energy!  I'm a fidget.

I now photograph weddings exclusively for iMAG1NE - from whom you'll receive your Albums, prints etc.  I hope to speak with you soon to talk about your own wedding day!  - Amy x